MSP Mentor Top 501 Survey

Scott Calonico

survey formSurvey says!!

It's that time of year again! The MSP Mentor 501 Survey is open now until December 27, 2013.

All you have to do is head over to the MSP Mentor site and answer a few simple questions on a webform.

The form takes about 30 minutes to complete. On their site, MSP Mentor have provided a checklist of some of the questions they'll be asking. 

Some of the survey questions include:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for 2013
  • MRR growth (in dollars) in 2013 vs. 2012
  • MRR growth (percentage rate) in 2013 vs. 2012
  • Number of users managed (2013 vs 2012)
  • Number of devices managed (2013 vs 2012)
  • Revenue per employee (2013 vs 2012)

Rankings will be awarded in the following areas:

1. Top MSPs by region:

  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  • AANZ (Asia, Australia, New Zealand)

2. Top MSPs by company size

  • Small (10 or fewer employees)
  • SMB (11 to 100 employees)
  • Mid-size (101 to 1000 employees)
  • Large/enterprise (1001+ employees)

MSP Mentor also promises some mystery areas and "potential suprises", so even if you don't think your MSP might rank, go ahead and fill out the form.

Final results will be revealed in February 2014.

Plus, you might be able to win $150 in Amazon vouchers.

How's that? MSP software provider GFI MAX is offering the chance to win $150 in Amazon bucks simply by completing the MSP Mentor survey.

After you've filled out the form at MSP Mentor, email [email protected] to let them know you've taken part.

Winners will be drawn from all contestants on January 7th.