MSP News Roundup! - 6th September 2013

Debbie Thomson

We know it can be difficult to find the time to sit down each day and read up on what’s going on in the MSP industry. That’s why each Friday we’ll aim to bring you a brief roundup of some of the Industry news you may have missed.

Here’s what we have for you this week in our MSP News Roundup:

Microsoft Retires Masters Certification Exams for IT Pros

Microsoft has caused some commotion in the IT industry this week with its announcement that its Masters Level Certification Exam will be retired by 1st October this year.

Understandably this has caused protest amongst IT Professionals who have spent many years training for the top level qualification.

However it has been hinted that Microsoft could actually be planning a new training program in a blog post from Neil Johnson, a senior consultant for Microsoft:

"As technology changes so do Microsoft certifications and as such, we are continuing to evolve the Microsoft certification program, The IT industry is changing rapidly and we will continue to evaluate the certification and training needs of the industry to determine if there's a different certification needed for the pinnacle of our program"

To find out more about Microsoft's reasons for cancelling the program check out the full story at ComputerWorld

Mobile Security Management Market Indicates Opportunity for MSPs

According to a report from ABI Research, the current Mobile Security Management (MSM) market will hit a total of $560 million by the end of this year.

ABI Research Cyber Security Senior Analyst Michela Menting said in a prepared statement:

"While MDM will continue to provide the largest share of revenues, growth rates from other sectors, and, in particular, security and content management, will increasingly account for a much larger portion of the market,"

As suggested by MSPmentor this presents another great opportunity for MSPs who can incorporate both MDM and MSM into their offerings!

Read the full story over at MSPmentor.

US IT Services Company Starts Java Training Program

In a bid to tackle the critical lack of skilled Java developers in the United States, one IT Services company Cook Systems has started it's very own recruitment and training program.

The company's FastTrack'D program has been set up with the aim of producing 1,000 skilled Java developers per year within 24 months.

CEO Wayne Cooke explains the very real shortage of developers, stating:

"Really, what [the program] is about is creating an answer for severe shortage of developers in this country, specifically Java developers. Being a large solutions staffing company, I can tell you firsthand that you can hardly find an American Java developer, no matter how hard you try. Rarely can you find one."

To find out more about plans for the program read the full article over at InfoWorld

Have you seen any interesting articles we’ve missed this week? Are there any areas of the industry you’d like us to keep an eye on for you? Let us know with a comment below.