Content Marketing for Your MSP

Scott Calonico

Content marketing is the art of using engaging content to provide useful information to your potential customers and, in turn, draw their attention to your relevant products and services.

The efficacy of some traditional marketing methods, such as printed advertisements, has greatly reduced in recent years. Many people are cynical about traditional adverts and have even trained themselves to become blind to online adverts when they’re browsing websites.

Content marketing works in a different way. The idea is to produce content of genuine use and interest to your target market. After consuming this content, individuals may become tempted to use your company’s services, either in grateful recognition of the value of the content or because you have managed to subtly convince them of your company’s abilities.

There are numerous ways to get started with content marketing, and below is a list of some of the most popular. It’s important to note that content doesn’t always mean written content. Video and audio is equally popular, and sometimes more relevant and effective.

Consider the following:


Blogging is a very common means of content marketing that can entail far more than simply maintaining a company blog for your business.

Producing blog posts is merely part of a marketing process that includes promoting the content so that people actually read it, and interacting with those that debate and comment. Guest posting for other blogs is also a common and effective means of using blogging as part of a content marketing strategy.


Companies of all sizes produce regular podcasts, in both audio and video formats. If you can make a compelling regular podcast, it can act as a free platform to subtly promote your business, at the same time as proving your specialist expertise and knowledge.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a key part of content marketing and something constantly gaining in popularity. Video marketing can entail anything from producing video reviews of new products to creating “how to” bulletins aimed at reaching a significant audience. All of these can, in turn, incorporate your company logos and link to other areas of your online presence.

The key to effective content marketing it to maintain a consistent flow of new, relevant content, and put as much effort into promoting it as creating it. After all, there’s little point in working to produce content that nobody will engage with.

Luckily, social media makes this promotion straightforward and inexpensive. If the quality of your content speaks for itself, you will find it being shared across the Internet, independent of your own promotional efforts. Quality and relevance is therefore paramount – it’s better to create one amazing piece of content that attracts an audience of thousands that thousands of mundane articles or videos that interest nobody!

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