MSP Brand Building Tips

Scott Calonico

msp branding imageBuilding a good, recognizable brand is just as important for a small / medium MSP business as it is for a large company.

Building a known identity and a strong reputation will do wonders for our business, even if it’s only within your local, target area.

This article provides you with five simple steps to help you establish your brand, and further it’s reputation.


Take time over your business name

Your MSP’s business name will (hopefully) stay with you for years to come. As such, deciding on it deserves plenty of your time in order to ensure you come up with something catchy and memorable. Ideally, the name should directly reflect your business ethos.

Naming a business can be tricky; you are sure to come up with numerous great names, only to find that they are already in use. It’s a good idea to enlist family and friends to help with the brainstorming.

Build a solid corporate identitymsp branding

Logos, straplines and slogans form the foundations of your brand, so make sure they create the right impression. If design is not your strong point, you will find plenty of inexpensive freelancers who can help.

Spread the identity online

Once you are happy with your corporate branding, you need to make sure it’s consistent across the whole presence of your company – this means everything from email signatures to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s really not difficult to make your online branding as solid and consistent as the likes of CocaCola or McDonalds – so take the time to do it.

Live the brand

When you create proposals, refer to your company name. This may seem a little conceited, especially it you are a particularly small MSP, but it’s important to put across the right message. If you’re not seen to believe in your brand, you can’t expect anyone else to.

Living the brand also means making sure that all of your staff understand the company’s values and act accordingly.

Strengthen the brand

If you provide a quality service and make good on your promises, customers will come to believe in your woman doing pushupsbrand too. At this point, you should begin to request testimonials that prove your company is true to its objectives.

Prospective customers will put more faith in you if you can prove the quality of your brand – especially if you can show positive references from well-known existing clients, perhaps successful businesses in your local area or target sector.

Branding isn’t complicated. It’s all about deciding how you wish to be perceived by your target market, and sticking to that objective. The easiest way to do this is to live and breathe the brand. Building your brand will come naturally if you truly believe in the objectives of your business.


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