Money Money Money: Five MSP Opportunities for 2014

Scott Calonico

moneyThe New Year has begun, and the reality that the festive season cannot last forever is hitting home.

However, there’s no need to become unduly downhearted.

Every year brings a host of new opportunities for computer businesses.

In this article, we focus on five things that we strongly suspect will create opportunities for MSPs in the year ahead. If you’re struggling for New Year inspiration, perhaps now would be a good time to choose one or two and get some marketing going.

Everyone is obsessed with security and privacy

Thanks to last year’s revelations concerning cyber-surveillance, everyone has become acutely aware of online privacy and security issues. A subject that was once a lunchtime conversation for techies is now dinner-party fodder for all kinds of individuals.

This is great news for you, as an MSP. It’s time to offer security consultancy, privacy advice and encryption services. People are looking for reassurance and are willing to pay for it.

There’s now an easy way to make computers faster

Advances in computer processing power have slowed down a little recently, making frequent PC upgrades seem less compelling, but there is something you can do to speed up user’s PCs: fit solid state drives (SSDs).

SSDs have now reached the point where they are no longer prohibitively expensive. As such, you can suggest your clients adopt them – and there’s no way they won’t notice the speed improvements – all in all an easy win for some easy work.

There are plenty of operating system upgrades to do

Support for Windows XP ends in April, so it’s now time for the stragglers to make their minds up: Do they go for Windows 7 or 8.1? Either way, there’s some migration work there for you.

If you support Macs, there’s some potential business there too, with the recent release of OS X Mavericks. All you need to do is make clients aware of these developments and the risks of failing to act.

Mobile device usage continues to climb

We’ve just passed another Christmas where iPads, tablets and smartphones took pride of place under many a Christmas tree. This means another influx of devices hitting client sites.

So, once again, it’s time to sell BYOD policies and Mobile Device Management solutions.

There’s another opportunity here too: As more and more people start to browse the Web using mobile devices, they will start to notice that sites that haven’t been mobile optimised look pretty nasty – so if you offer Web development services, there could be some work coming from that direction too.

Things are looking up

While the world is by no means “out of the woods” economically, there are some positive indicators in many countries. As a result, confidence will begin to build in 2014. Hopefully this will mean that budgets will begin to “unfreeze” and that your clients will begin to take on new staff. All of this should result in more work for your MSP business.

With all the above in mind, 2014 could prove to be a very rewarding New Year.