MAXimize your time at MAX 2014 with pre-show sessions!

Dave Sobel

With our continued focus on making this year’s MAX 2014 event series even more useful and relevant, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with other exciting groups to bring deep content to our participants. As such, we are pleased to announce that this year we are partnering with Third Tier and 4Profit to bring you even more great additional content so you can really MAXimize your time out of office. Both Third Tier and 4Profit are offering MAX 2014 Delegates value for money pre-show sessions that will help boost your businesses even further.

Third Tier - Brain Explosion

Third Tier’s 'Brain Explosion' event is a fun, intense tech training pre-show event run over 2 days. These session will include:

  • BYOD: It’s way more than Bring Your Own - In this session we’re going to look at the details of redesigning the network infrastructure to support BYOD.
  • Automating Deployment for Small IT - Learn how to leverage the combination of Windows Deployment Services with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to streamline your process of deploying Operating Systems and applications to your clients.
  • The New SBS (Small Business Solution)- Discover the solution built upon Windows Server 2012 R2 and all of its great features including Remote Desktop Gateway, RD Web, RemoteApps, Exchange 2013 and more!
  • Protecting your network's exhaust ports - Find out what security changes to make to your networks to better fortify your "Exhaust ports".

The team at Third Tier is composed of experts in technical execution, including a number of Microsoft MVPs, and this offers the opportunity to expand the technical training offered at MAX 2014.

4Profit - Trans4ming Your Sales Team

For those focused on sales, 4Profit will be delivering a pre-day session 'Trans4ming Your Sales Team', and will share and explore vital sales fundamentals that can help you and your business succeed in the new economy, this session will include:

  • How to identify and target high-margin sales opportunities
  • Get those critical initial appointments with big-spending decision makers
  • How to qualify opportunities and spend your time with high-value targets
  • Differentiate your company and sell business value
  • How to advance the sales process and close for commitment
  • Handle difficult objections

Our goal is to give attendees the opportunity to ensure their time out of the office is as relevant, focused, and useful as possible, and really MAXimize your investment. These focused deep-dive sessions go even farther beyond what is possible in a single conference session, and we are incredibly excited to be working with such exceptional content partners.

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