The GFI MAX Customer Conferences 2013 get underway in Sydney

Debbie Thomson

The annual GFI MAX Customer Conference in Sydney Australia got off to a lively start with a panel session led by Kris Hansen, Partner Trainer and Sales Engineer at GFI MAX. The panel session covered the key challenges facing MSPs in today’s market and considered just what this will mean for MSPs in the next 18 months.

An enthusiastic audience of over 80 MSPs engaged in the debate which covered topics as diverse as:

  • The impact hosted services will have on the MSP market.
  • How to transition clients who are “hanging on” to Windows XP and 03 Small business server infrastructures – and don’t want to move to Windows 8.
  • The growing issue of how to effectively back up the significant and increasing amounts of customer data in a manageable way.
  • The problems and opportunities presented by demands for anytime, anywhere access on both company and employee owned devices.
  • The difficulty of justifying your day rate for a client as the work you do increasingly takes place ”behind the scenes”.
  • The importance of relationship building and gaining trusted adviser status as changes in the way services are delivered and client’s evaluate these services takes hold.

The wider agenda for the 2 day conference which is the first of 4 global events in Las Vegas, London and Berlin also includes:

Practitioner-led business sessions and discussions to help you think about how you could do things better, such as:

Conference-AutotaskAutotask: Pricing For Profit

Adam Ross, Regional Sales Director

Nothing’s trickier than coming up with the right pricing for IT services. Price yourself too high, and your prospects and customers will balk… price your services too low, and you’ll leave money on the table-or worse, lose money.

4 Keys Steps to Ensuring YOUR MSP Business Gets Found

Greg Adams, Managing Director of myITmanager and Bob Lawson, Senior Marketing Director at GFI MAX

The best run ma naged service business can’t survive and scale without new customers. How to quickly and easily create the marketing programmes that put you top of the heap. 

How to Turn Engaged Customers into Really “Sticky” Ones

Joseph Manser, co-founder of Fusion Networks Pty Ltd, Gordon Tan, R&G Technologies and Bob Lawson, Senior Marketing Director at GFI MAX

Engaged Managed Services customers are not only sticky they spend considerably more than disinterested ones. Learn how to develop and maintain strong customer relationships by demonstrating real customer value through key activities like structured customer reviews.

As well as in-depth technical sessions looking at key features of GFI MAX to ensure you get the most out of the system, including:

Conference-Tech-SessionMobile Device Management

Mark Petrie, Director of Engineering, GFI MAX

Introduction to MDM in which we will show you how to add mobile devices to your Dashboard, basic WiFi and email account setup (ideal for BYOD), advanced setup for company owned devices including passcode restrictions and VPN access and what to do when a device is lost or stolen to ensure your clients’ data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Scripting, including

Jake Paternoster, Service Manager at Screwloose, Steve Rodda, Engineering Manager of and Mark Petrie, Director of Engineering at GFI MAX

Using scripts in GFI MAX RemoteManagement to write your own monitoring checks and maintenance tasks including real-world examples and an introduction to – our community driven site for sharing scripts.

Managed Security

Mark Petrie, Director of Engineering, GFI MAX

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, the task of protecting your clients’ systems and data has never been so challenging. Here we will give our view of the threat landscape in 2013 and show you how you can use features such as Patch Management and Managed Antivirus to ensure that you have the tools you need at your disposal to rise to the challenge.

The GFI MAX Customer Conferences got off to a flying start today, to find out more about the GFI MAX Customer Conference tour and what you can expect to see take a look at our full agenda here and check back in over the coming days and weeks as we bring you more news and highlights from the conferences.

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