MAX 2016 – Outlining the SolarWinds MSP product roadmap for 2017

Pete Roythorne

As Day 1 of MAX 2016 continued, Steve Rodda, VP Product Management, and Chris Groot, VP Product Management – Backup, were on hand to share the product success of the past 12 months and provide a look at what lies ahead.

rodda.jpgSteve was keen to point to how the joining together of LOGICnow and N-able is changing the way both companies think about product development. “We’ve been motivating each other for years as competition,” he explained. “We both bring big features to the table and there are definitely no plans to end of life either platform. We’re taking the best from both and bringing them together to create flexibility for our customers. It’s the sum of the parts that makes the whole.” 

Steve went on to highlight some of the 104 releases in the past 12 months, which have seen us releasing new updates three to four times per week. While no one in the industry can match the pace of release, he admitted that this needed to slow down and would be doing so over the next 12 months, with the target a two-weekly release schedule. 

Some of the improvement highlights of the past 12 months include: enhanced Mac support; patch management workflow updates; real-time architecture; mobile app updates; new web protection; grid vision; MOB updates; Risk Intelligence; faster agents; and MSPC take control.

Steve called on MSPs to get involved in RC process, and to call support. “These two things are crucial to help us know what we’re doing wrong or could be doing better,” he explained.

So what can we expect to see for 2017?

The big word is flexibility so we can offer the customers the solutions that work best for them. Some of the core product development focuses include: 

  • Automating the on-boarding process and building efficiency. 
  • MSP Connect and Teamviewer running together to give customers choice and flexibility, as well as built-in redundancy. 
  • Agentless monitoring of networked devices alongside increased flexibility of filtering to allow MSPs to more effectively manage devices.
  • Bringing on board MSP Manager gives more choice when it comes to PSA integration. We will also be looking to broaden the net with PSA tools so we work with people like Connectwise and Autotask. 

Steve also highlighted the fact that we’re looking for the best solution for reporting to integrate into the RM platform.

Call for backup

groot.jpgChris Groot then took to the stage to discuss backup. “Our vision and goal is to create the greatest backup product for the MSP community,” he said. “One thing we see is that people use multiple backup products, but standardisation is key to scaling and growth. We’re looking towards one product, one platform across all our customers.” 

The level of investment has been at an all time high and will continue. Chris went on to highlight some key developments that have been made.

  • Creating more opportunities for automation with the ability to do silent install.
  • Full system recovery where the operating system is not available.
  • Recovery console with automated testing built in.

Over the next 12 months, Chris explained how we will be taking the learnings of past 18 months and creating one unified experience. We will also be investing in virtual environments. “Hyper-V is the biggest area of growth in the virtual market,” he explained. “Our Accelerator technology is very efficient and enables us to do elegant Hyper-V backup over IP.”

Bare metal recovery is still a core requirement as is granular recovery for Exchange. Monitoring and reporting will continue to be a key focus as well, we have created a browser-based user experience so MSPs can monitor everything from any device. “The new console is still a work in progress, but will be best in breed,” Chris added. 

One of the core focuses is to make the product simple as possible, and time and effort has been spent on the improving documentation and adding in chat support. We’ll also be investing more in training and certification investment alongside 24/7 support, and ultimately looking at the possibility of adding a recovery hotline.