How to make more time in your work week

Jenny Carpenter

There will always be new virus threats, new patches, new users, and other regular events that take up an IT administrators’ valuable time. In fact, renowned system administrator and public speaker Tom Limoncelli said working in IT is “like gardening.” Essentially, it’s a task that’s never finished.

A big reason why that’s the case? The average IT admin spends a lot of time on routine tasks that, while unchallenging and often dull, are essential.

This is what makes web-based ControlNow a game-changer. An all-in-one security and management platform, it is specifically built for IT admins seeking to automate time-consuming jobs. With modules covering everything from patch management to server monitoring and asset tracking, ControlNow removes the “leg work” from these crucial tasks. As a result, IT admins are free to focus on priority projects that can help grow their business.

Consider these case studies, which illustrate how much time it’s possible to save with ControlNow:

ScooterBug, a supplier of scooters, ECVs, strollers and wheelchairs to the US, Disney and Universal and more, uses ControlNow for antivirus, patch management, web protection and monitoring. The company has 70 PCs and five servers, spread across nine locations. ScooterBug estimates that using ControlNow has saved the two-man IT department 25 hours per week.

Similarly, The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, which runs with a one-man IT department, estimates a time saving of 10 hours per week due to a more proactive approach to virus infections and software issues.

Extrapolated over a year, you’re looking at weeks of saved time to concentrate on more intensive tasks and bigger projects like infrastructure upgrades.

What would you work on?

How much time can you save with ControlNow? See for yourself. Start your free trial today.