Keeping up with the Joneses

Pete Roythorne

We’re pleased to announce that Paul Roy, a LOGICnow employee in Durham, NC, is the winner of our World Password Day contest. Below is his story.

“There was a time when I needed a new password and decided to use a player I drafted onto my Fantasy Football team – Detroit Lions running back Kevin Jones. So prior to starting at LOGICnow, I was using KevinJones34 – because Jones wore number 34. Imagine my surprise when I started working for LOGICnow only to discover I was working with a Kevin Jones on Tech Support. What made it even more ironic was that the same player had also played for my colleague Kevin's favorite team, the Chicago Bears! Out of fear, I stopped using that password for anything anymore.”

Congratulations Paul, and an important lesson to us all about not using football players’ names for passwords!