It's All About Attitude

Joe Kern

Grow your MSP businessSo I have read on almost every Sales training media that your attitude can determine your success.  

I also know from my own experience that winning a sale can turn my attitude around instantly.  

So which is it?

I am not sure that I can, or need to answer this, but what I have found is that as deals go south, it can have a negative effect on my attitude. 

That got me thinking: what else has a negative effect on my attitude that might be interfering with my performance.

Here is a short list of what I found:

What you listen to:

I used to listen to the BBC/ NPR every morning on my ride to the office.  The news is not exactly filled with cheer.  I have now switched to music that gets me pumped up.

Who you listen to:

People around me!  There are always a few people around you that have a bad day, or well... rub you the wrong way.  When it is time to make your sales, stay away from them.  These are the same people that tend to distract you on a regular basis.

Prep yourself:

Set a time to work on your sales.  This is very important!  Setting a time allows you to "prep" your attitude!  If you feel like making sales calls is just one more thing on your list, then your customer will feel like you are just one more person trying to solicit.

Be aware of your Attitude:

Every 'no' brings you closer to a 'yes'.... ok that was lame.  BUT what do you do when you get a YES. Stop and shout victory, then get another cup of coffee.  DONT STOP.  Call the next customer, ride the wave of success, it will project onto the customer and you will win 5 more!

I suggest you make a list of your own!