Infographic: Why ignoring email protection can seriously damage your business

Debbie Thomson

Smart cybersecurity practitioners know that for the best protection, they should use a ā€˜defense in depthā€™ strategy. Layering different kinds of defense together enables them to provide multiple layers of protection. But for a truly robust cyber-defense, you shouldnā€™t forget to protect one of your most vulnerable communication channels: email.

This infographic demonstrates the size of the problem thatĀ organisations face when it comes to email, and why MSPs and IT Service Providers need to be offeringĀ third-party email support for their clients.Ā Downloading this infographic and leaving it with your clients can help them have a betterĀ understanding of why they need Mail Protection.

For more information, read the blog postĀ Email Security: Bulletproof glass for your company.

Email Protection Infographic