Incorporating Google Plus Into Your MSP Website

Scott Calonico

google +1 for your website Google Plus is Google's attempt to meet the Facebook challenge head on. One of their earlier tries at this, Google Buzz,  fizzled out without making much of an impact on the web community.

Keeping Search Results Relevant

With Google Plus, however, it looks like Google might have started to get things right.

The most visible component of the Google Plus initiative right now is the "Google +1" you're starting to see pop up everywhere, from search results to web pages.

Following their revamp of their search algorithm with the release of Google Panda, Google is trying to make search results more relevant than ever for it's users. That means taking social media into account.

Google Plus and Your Website

So what does all this mean for your MSP business, your MSP website and your place on the web? First of all, if you don't already have a Google Account setup for your business, go and do it now. You'll also be able to use a Google account to setup your business on Google Maps as well, which is another important part of increasing search engine.

From the looks of it, you'll then be able to share your recommendations with friends, family and your circle of coworkers. What makes Google Plus such a challenge is that most people are already users of two major Google products: Google Search and Gmail.

Once you've logged into Gmail or your Google Account, you'll be able to "+1" search result and recommend sites or products to friends without having to do anything more than click a button.

After signing up for a Google Account, get the code to put the +1 button on your MSP website.

It's probably a good bet, that good, old fashioned SEO techniques will still be relevant, no matter what becomes of Google Plus. So make sure that you've got appropriate title and meta tags, as well as the other elements of a good website that Google searches for when indexing.

The Future of Google Plus

Where this is all going to lead and the impact that it might have on websites and social content across the web remains to be seen.

You can get a jump on your competition, however, by signing up for the program and seeing how it works for yourself.

It will be hard for Google to dislodge Facebook from the top of the social connection heap, but if anyone's going to do it, it'll be the company with the crazy name in Mountain View, California.