The Importance of Website Click Tracking

Scott Calonico

mouse clickHow much do you know about how customers interact with your MSP website?

If the answer is “nothing” or “not much,” you are missing a valuable chance to gain precious information about your potential clients.

The good news is that it’s easy and free (or at least inexpensive) to gain access to this information.

Get Started Tracking

Website click tracking solutions begin with free tools such as Google Analytics. This, when used intelligently, can reveal a host of valuable facts about how people browse your site. At the other end of the scale, you can subscribe to comprehensive session tracking solutions that actually allow you to “play back” visits to your site and see exactly what people stop to read, what links they click on, and what content they skim past or ignore.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of information this kind of tracking can reveal:

  • The number of customers who arrive at the home page of your site and navigate away almost immediately (which indicates that potential clients aren’t finding what they’re looking for).
  • What services site visitors are particularly interested in looking at.
  • Where readers are ignoring key parts of your site (or not finding them due to a poor navigational layout).
  • Where certain areas of your site are putting customers off your business and causing them to navigate away (this can include where readers encounter dead links or out of date information)

Don't Be a Turn Off

Think about your own behavior when browsing websites. There are probably several things that can act as a “turn off” on sites you’ve not visited before. Some people, for example, are made suspicious if a “contact” page fails to include address and telephone number details, while others may be tempted elsewhere if they find it hard to access pricing information.

Your website is a valuable sales tool and, in many cases, provides the first impression of your business to a potential client. Making usage tracking a routine task can give you the intelligence you need to make subtle changes to content and layout that result in a higher number of visitors taking their relationship with your company a step further.

Making Changes

Sometimes these changes are really simple to implement. If, for example, you have a page of compelling sales copy that nobody seems to read, it may be that the link to it is in an unclear position. Perhaps people are, in fact, finding the page, but the text is too dense and therefore falling victim to the well-documented short attention span that individuals have when browsing the Web. Purely breaking up the text with additional images could solve the latter problem.

The great thing about tracking the usage of your site on an ongoing basis is that you can make these tweaks and then go back some time later and see if they’ve had a positive effect. You can continually enhance your website until you have something that encourages readers to stay on the site, and hopefully end their visit at the “contact us page.”

The information to help you do this is easily available to you – so don’t waste it.

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