How to Prepare your Clients for Cyber Monday

Scott Calonico

Cyber Monday, the first Monday after thanksgiving (which also follows “Black Friday,”) is now internationally renowned as one of the most significant online shopping days of the year.

The tradition, which began in the US in 2005, sees millions of people taking to the Internet to take advantage of huge retailer promotions.

Many choose this day to make a start on their Christmas shopping. Cyber Monday is now a term familiar to people in other countries too, including the UK and Portugal.

Cyber Monday 2012 falls on November 26th. This article suggests three ways to prepare your clients for the occasion, and perhaps take advantage of it to create revenue for your MSP business.

Warn clients of the potential impact

Back in 2009, comScore reported that nearly 53% of the money spent online on Cyber Monday was via transactions made on work computers.

This indicates that most companies are certain to have several employees spending their time browsing online shopping sites rather than doing the work they are paid to do.

How businesses choose to respond to this depends on their internal culture, but as an MSP it will do you no harm to warn clients of the potential implications for their IT system or employee output.

Your clients may wish you to block certain sites, or remind users of their acceptable usage policies – either way, there is perhaps a potential avenue for extra revenue for your own business.

Consider Cyber Monday promotions of your own

With Cyber Monday sure to be mentioned in the media resulting in a buzz around the event, perhaps it’s a good day to choose to launch a new service or a special offer?

If you are pushing a new service – perhaps managed backup or patch management, why not offer a “limited time only” signup? With people in the mood to save money (and spend it), this could provide pleasing results.

Encourage companies to take advantage of offers

Cyber Monday brings with it some outstanding offers on products, many of which fit firmly in the “computers and electronics” category.

If you have clients who need to refresh their IT equipment, perhaps with some new desktops, laptops or tablets, it can make sense to search the market for appropriate promotions and bring them to their attention.

If you can persuade your clients to invest in new kit, you have both the potential to earn revenue from being involved in it’s installation and configuration, and the added benefit of ending up with newer kit to support and maintain.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of Cyber Monday yourself. If your MSP business needs new equipment, this day of bargains could be the time to splash out.