How MSPs can engage with Existing Clients by using Social Media

Scott Calonico

Does your MSP business use social media channels to stay in touch with clients? If not, it could be worth examining the possibilities.

Actively maintaining a company blog and posting regular updates to Facebook and Twitter can contribute to your company’s image, demonstrating the fact that you are modern, proactive business with a continual interest in industry developments.

Furthermore, social media can contribute to your sales strategy, subtly but constantly alerting clients to new products and services.

There’s an additional benefit too: maintaining a constant flow of new content on your website will give the search engines plenty of new “hooks” into the site – hopefully leading to more organic traffic from potential customers and contributing to your SEO strategy.

What to Post

If you’re at a loss to think of what you could blog or post about, just consider the following possibilities:

  •  News of significant products (particularly new Apple products or versions of Windows!)
  •  Bulletins about key IT news, such as virus outbreaks or high-profile system outages.
  •  Case studies featuring client systems.
  •  Reviews of new software.
  • Details of new services you offer.

These are just a few simple ideas, which alone should create plenty of ideas for blog posts. You can then draw attention to them with Facebook updates or Twitter tweets.

The great thing here is that each post can lead to a “call to action.” A post about a high profile virus outbreak could be used to promote an IT security audit service or a new, hosted Internet security product. Similarly, a client case study could pique the interest of other customers, keen to get their hands on new functionality that sounds appealing.

If producing this kind of social content is something you can find difficult, you’ll find an army of freelance writers happy to produce it for you for a small fee.

How to Engage Customers

Obviously, the success of your social networking efforts depends on ensuring that your clients see and read the content you provide. Here are a few tips to increase your social networking visibility:

1.  Mention your online activities when you speak to clients. When you sign up a new MSP client, encourage them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, telling them that you frequently post information and updates that will be useful to them.

2.  Make sure links to your blog and social media feeds are in your email signature.

3.  If you post something you know will be of interest to some or all of your clients, don’t be afraid to send an email linking to it.

4.  If people interact with your posts and tweets, make sure you reply and engage with them to keep the conversation going.

The more consistently you maintain your social media efforts, the more familiar your clients will become with using it to interface with your business. It can soon become an almost free way of marketing new services to your existing client-base.

Want More Tips?

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