How to Market Like Samsung

Herman Pool

samsung logoLast year Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer by unit sales.  This is no small feat as Nokia had been number one since 1998.  A large reason for this growth has been Samsung’s great marketing campaigns.

Later today Samsung will live stream the launch of their Galaxy S IV smartphone.  This launch is an awesome example of using multiple marketing tools to get their message across.  Let’s break down what they are doing and how you can emulate it at your own company.

Tradeshows, Flyers and Postcards

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung handed out attractive paper invitations to their “Unpacked” launch event from their sharp looking tradeshow booth.

While you may not be able to afford a 40x40 booth at a global conference, you can easily afford to call your local chamber of commerce and find out what it takes to be included in a local business tradeshow.   Make sure to create some attractive brochures to hand out while you are at the tradeshow.  The content of the brochures and postcards should drive the prospect to your website or to contact you for more information.  This sounds simple, because it is.


Samsung put together a flash mob in the middle of Time Square.  They recorded the event and stuck it on their official YouTube page. At the time of this writing the video has 100,000+ hits.

While you might have trouble choreographing a dance troupe and getting hundreds of thousands of hits, you don’t need to.  Video is a powerful tool for online lead conversion and you probably have all the tools to make a great video right now.

Think about one of your products or services.  Now think about the needs that product or service fills for your potential clients.  Now, simply grab a webcam or the video camera on your smartphone and talk about your product in terms of meeting the needs of your prospect.  Talk to the camera just like you would to one of your clients.  Make it interesting and informative. Are you too shy to record yourself talking?  Create a PowerPoint slide show and save it as a movie.

Now that you have a video, create a free YouTube channel and upload the video.  Do one or two of these a month and you will have a serious library that your prospects and clients can learn from.  Embed the videos on your webpage and put links to your channel in your written materials.  Make sure you include these links everywhere you can.

Workshops & Eventsman standing

Finally, all these tools Samsung has used leads to one big event.  The “Unpacked” at Radio City Music Hall tonight at 7PM ET.   Samsung will take this opportunity to inform and educate the masses about their new smartphone and the benefits it can provide.

This one is easy.  You can hold your own lunch and learn type live events to educate your prospects on your products and services.  If you don’t have the office space, you can find space at a local hotel or event center at inexpensive rates.  Personally, I like to contact local bank branches with meeting space.  I explain to them the benefits my services hold for business owners and offer to hold an education event free of charge that they can offer to their business account holders and prospects.  By doing this, I kill two birds with one stone.  Now I have my event location and a new source of leads that the bank will promote my event to.  A win, win for all involved.

By using multiple tools of marketing Samsung has grown their business by leaps and bounds.  If you embrace marketing with passion, drive, and creativity you can grow your business and become more successful as well. 

I hope this helps you Get Noticed and Make Money. 

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For over 18 years Herman Pool has owned and marketed his successful IT services and web development company.  He credits his longevity to consistent marketing and advertising.  He used this experience to start Vertical Axion, a company that provides IT companies and Managed Service Providers with affordable marketing services.  If your company would like to see more leads via the Internet or even improve your offline media marketing, visit Vertical Axion’s website.