How the Broken Window Theory Applies to IT Operations

John Black

broken windowIf you see a broken window would you fix it right away?

The idea behind the broken widow theory is that if you don’t fix the broken widow then it sends a message that goes viral.

How can understanding this trend affect IT Operations?


What’s A Broken Window?

A broken window is symbolic of anything that you allow in your computer business to remain below the highest standard of excellence.

At the heart of this theory is the concept that our surroundings can have a larger impact on our behavior broken window with skythan most of us would like to admit.

When you turn a blind eye to one unacceptable situation, onlookers in your company will get the message that you don’t care about excellence.

Often this unspoken message rings resonates more with your employees than anything else you might say in a conference meeting.

The Relevance

In one of the most commented on articles we have posted here we discussed the hot topic of how to get technical staff to log in time in a PSA tool.

A good example on how broken window theory could impact your IT operations would be if you set a poor example yourself logging in your time or if there are key staff members that are not expected to live by the same standards.

As long as you tolerate one bad example then you will have a devil of a time trying to get compliance from the rest of your employees.

Can You Handle the Truth?

The truth is that broken window theory can be applied to all aspects of employee relations and computer support providers that want to set a high standard of excellence. They will only ignore it to their peril.


john black

In addition to being very secretive, John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.