Is Guerilla Marketing Right For Your MSP?

Scott Calonico

guerilla marketing mspsYou see a wallet lying on top of a toilet in a public restroom. Upon closer inspection, you see a big wad of bills sticking out.

Glancing around for the owner, you don't see anyone else, so you shrug your shoulders and pick up the wallet.

Finders keepers, right?

You'll just check to see if there's any identification inside so you can return the wallet. But, upon opening the wallet you find that instead of having the pictures of historical figures on the bills inside, you're greeted with a message for a half off burger at Burger-Land.

That, my friend, is guerilla marketing.

There's a war on out there in the market place when trying to win new clients, which is why some companies resort to guerilla marketing as a tactic.

Guerilla marketing was first coined way back in the yuppie-fueled 80s by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book named (oddly enough) Guerilla Marketing.

The concept is relatively simple: in a marketplace in which the big guys have all the advantage, the SMB owner has to resort to some unconventional tactics to make money.

But guerilla marketing has quickly been embraced by big companies, too. Nissan, 3M, and Sony, among others have all used different guerilla marketing techniques when launching new products or promotions.

Examples of Guerilla Marketing

We could sit here and try to describe different guerilla marketing campaigns, but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's just a few links that you can use to check out this type of marketing in action:

Techniques of Guerilla Marketing

The main theory behind guerilla marketing is that imagaination, time and creativity are more important than money. You're aiming to create that "aha" moment that makes someone smile, laugh or think, so that they guerilla marketing imagethen pass this along to their friends, creating an effective Word of Mouth Marketing campaign. 

Guerilla marketers need to attract attention to their ads - so homemade touches, such as handwriting, bright colors, and things that might look "accidental" are all a big part of this technique.

One of the major differences between guerilla marketing and viral marketing is that guerilla marketing tricks people into looking at something that looks cool disguised as an ad.

in most viral marketing campaigns, the people seeing the ad are aware that it is an ad, yet they still pass it along to their networks just because they think it looks cool or is worthwhile to watch.

Is Guerilla Marketing Right for your MSP?

This is always going to depend on your particular situation and your MSPs place in the market. Guerilla marketing favors the underdog. If you have a lot of high profile clients, they might not take too kindly to seeing their MSPs name or brand plastered on a park bench somewhere. However, if you're just starting out in the marketplace and looking to make a name for yourself, then Guerilla Marketing might be the right choice for you.

Here's a few more resources you can take a look at when trying to make the decision on how, or if, you want to use guerilla marketing to help out your MSP or IT support company.

Are you using any Guerrilla Marketing techniques for your business? We'd love to hear about them.

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