An introduction to GFI MAX Mail

Debbie Thomson

Our top priority for MAX IQ is to bring you content which will benefit your business, because at GFI MAX it’s our aim to do whatever we can to help MSPs grow!

So as we mentioned before, we’re not just going to harp on about how brilliant our products are (although we do think they’re pretty brilliant) instead we are going to try our best to demonstrate how using our suite of products can help you grow your business –bringing you helpful advice on all the ways you can use our products to save time and money and of course offer your clients the best possible service.

We started off by introducing you to our GFI MAX RemoteManagement Tool and it’s only fair that we tell you a little about what the rest of products can do too!

So, to give you a brief introduction to our GFI MAX Mail Security service here is our Product Manager Eric Schwab to tell you in his own words what GFI MAX Mail Security can do:

MAX-Mail"The vision for the GFI MAX Mail services is to provide a complete set of highly effective, easy to use, cloud-based email security solutions, for managed service providers and other IT support organizations.

“GFI MAX MailProtection delivers robust inbound and outbound spam/virus filtering, plus built-in email continuity to allow customers continued access to email even when their own infrastructure is offline. GFI MAX MailArchive adds a zero-maintenance, highly redundant, and seamlessly scalable archive solution. Together, the GFI MAX Mail services offer IT providers and their customers the convenience and time savings of an integrated solution for email security, continuity, and archive.

“With full rebranding capabilities at every customer touch point and an aggressive pricing strategy, the MAX Mail services can help IT providers manage their customers’ critical email needs profitably and in accordance with their strategic goals.”

The GFI MAX Mail Security service is a fully-brandable, integrated solution created for MSPs and IT Support companies. With a single console for email security, continuity, and archiving, this safe, secure and easy-to-use package includes MailProtection and MailArchive – both of which are also available by themselves if that’s what works for you.

Try it out for yourself and see how GFI MAX Security services could make a difference to your business with a FREE 30-day trial.