GFI MAX EU Customer Conference kicks off at Wembley

Debbie Thomson

The EU Customer Conference got off to a great start today at the Wembley Hilton in London, with an introduction and welcome to the conference from Bob Lawson followed by Alistair Forbes bringing us a look at 'GFI MAX Now'.

Alistair-ForbesAlistair covered everything GFI MAX in his presentation, from what improvements have been made, to new features we can look forward to seeing and and of course how GFI MAX plans to continue to support it's customers.

Here are some of the highlights that are coming from GFI MAX Now.

Alistair pinpointed some key improvements to the GFI MAX product including:

  • MailProtection and MailArchive can now be used in conjunction with cloud-based services (e.g. Office 365).
  • Seeding for Off-Site Backup.
  • Competitive Agent Removal Tool (CART).

Through out the conferences technical sessions we will hear more about some of the great new features coming to GFI MAX, Alistair highlighted the following:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Service Desk
  • GFI MAX Backup and MOB

To continue to support our customers GFI MAX has a number of resources which Alistair highlighted with a mention of our very own MAX-IQ:

  • MSPBusinessManagement - Providing additional resources and advice around practices for MSPs.
  • Business Tips - Offering materials such as, case studies, tutorials and videos
  • MAX IQ - The new blog from GFI MAX, a resource to help MSPs grow.

Community engagement is important for us too and we will be continuing to build on this with areas such as:

  • FixITScripts - A community for sharing scripts.
  • LinkedIn Group - An engaged industry group with 3,400+ members exchanging information and reaching out to peers.

In order to bring all these improvements to our customers Alistair shared some of the areas where GFI MAX will be making an investment including:

  • Teams, such as R&D and sales engineering. 
  • A new engagement platform to help build engagement with the MSP community.
  • Expansion of our workshops and conferences programs.

To summarize Alistair put it simply, what GFI MAX is doing now is investing! Investing in our product, investing in new features, investing into community engagement & supporting businesses and investing in the people & tools GFI MAX needs to make all this possible.