Getting your MSP Business Ready for i0S7

Scott Calonico

man with phoneAt the time of writing, Apple’s new iOS7 operating system has been out for a couple of weeks.

Take up of the new operating system has been incredibly quick. Advertising network Chitika estimated this week that over 50% of US iPhone users have already installed it.

As such, your MSP business has probably fielded plenty of iOS7-related questions already.

If you feel your MSP business has been caught off-guard by how fast users have grabbed the new OS, here are five things you should do NOW so that you don’t get caught out in the coming months:

1.  Communicate with customers about the update

Really, you should have done this already, but it’s not too late to send out a communication to clients talking about iOS7, what’s new, and what precautions they should take before upgrading.

Most importantly, people should back up their devices, either via iCloud or by syncing to their PCs, before beginning the upgrade. Most iOS7 upgrades are trouble-free, but you should still advise all of your customers to take this precaution.

2. Check your MDM systems are ready

If you haven’t already, it’s time to check that any mobile device management systems you use are iOS7 ready. You may need to apply some updates yourself.

3. Get up to speed with the security issues

Within days of the release of iOS7, there were widely publicized security alerts about flaws in iOS7. These allow people to activate flight mode while device are locked, rendering the “find my iPhone” feature effectively useless, and send orders to the phone via Siri when they shouldn’t be able to.

Apple have already released a patch (iOS 7.0.2), but you may need to explain to customers the need to install it. It’s also more than likely that other issues will be exposed in the coming weeks, so stay on top of news reports and issue appropriate instructions to your clients.

4. Check all your apps

A few software companies have sent out messages to users of their apps advising them to hold off on upgrading to iOS7 as they have discovered compatibility issues.

Check all the apps you know your customers use, especially any custom line-of-business apps. Again, you should probably have done this already!

5. Don’t forget the revenue opportunity

You are sure to encounter technophobe users who don’t want to complete the iOS7 upgrade themselves. You should be locating these users and offering to do the simple job yourself. This is a really easy revenue opportunity that you shouldn’t be passing up.

The rapid adoption of iOS7 has been a surprise to many people. It shows just how high the pent-up demand was for a new-look iOS. However, nearly 50% of people still haven’t upgraded. If they are your customers, now’s the time to help them through the process. Hopefully you will make some money in doing so!