Five Tech Items to Watch in 2014

Scott Calonico

man with phoneThere’s no doubt that 2014 will be an extremely interesting year for new technology. Everything from wearable tech, to connected gadgets forming the “Internet of Things,” will hit the shelves this year.

In this article we discuss five tech items that will get plenty of attention in the year ahead.

The New Mac Pro

The innovatively shaped new Mac Pro is arguably old news for those who keep on top of new product launches. The cylindrical Mac workstation was unveiled to the public in late summer 2013, but availability has slipped from a vague promise of “Fall 2013” to some point in December.

As such, few new Mac Pros are likely to surface in the real world until the first quarter of 2014.

Despite high prices, there is significant pent-up demand for these high-end Macs. It’s taken Apple a very long time to update the range, and serious creative types such as musicians and film editors will be itching to get their hands on them. If you work in the IT business, it would serve you well to seek out those who may need help with initial configuration and setup.

Google Glass

The waiting list for Google’s new wearable Glass devices has now been thrown open to the general public, man with google glassand a full launch is expected in the first half of 2014.

How much excitement the launch will create depends on a couple of factors: The first is price. With predicted launch prices varying wildly (from $250 to $1500), it’s impossible to predict how mainstream the devices will become. In addition, the plethora of news coverage currently being given to cyber-surveillance stories could seriously impact how many people really want more of their personal lives to form part of “big data.”

Whatever happens, however, Google Glass is guaranteed to be one of the big tech developments of 2014.

“Reversible” USB

Going from items like the Mac Pro and Google Glass to something as workaday as a cable and interface seems a little disappointing, but the impact of the new USB Type-C connector is more about what it will allow companies to do than the connector itself.

Expected in mid 2014, the USB Type-C connector will be small and reversible, and comply with the fast USB 3.1 specification. Not only will it allow for super fast data transfer, it will also help manufacturers build even sleeker mobile devices – which leads us nicely to the next item on this list.

The Samsung Galaxy Round

There are several exciting smartphones expected in 2014, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, but we have chosen the Galaxy Round because of its form factor.

The Round’s curved display means that smartphone buyers will finally have something a little different to choose, after several years of rather predictable form factors.

Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer to have announced a curved smartphone. The new LG G Flex is another one to watch.

The iPhone 6

No list of 2014 tech would be complete without giving some thought to what Apple may do next. As ever, there are rumors galore, but it’s a little too early for leaks and firm predictions. Will we see a bigger form factor, or perhaps a curved screen such as those featured in the phones above?

Right now, nobody knows, but it’s fair to guess that Apple will want to make some significant design changes. After all, from a distance it’s hard to tell any current generation iPhone from another.