Five Great Stocking Fillers for Techies

Scott Calonico

christmas stockingIt’s great to have a gadget fan to buy for at Christmas, as there’s never any shortage of items to choose from. T

his article suggests five low-cost stocking filler items for the geek in your life.


A “MyBunjee”

The simple ideas are often the best, and MyBunjee is as simple as they come, yet fiendishly clever.

Available in a number of colors, MyBunjee is a strap that fits around a smartphone and attaches, via a sturdy bungee cord and clip, to clothing or a bag. This means an end to smashed phone screens – a dropped phone simply bounces back to its owner.

This simple idea was enough to attract the investment of global entrepreneurs on UK TV show “Dragons Den.”

Phone Cases and Covers

If you’re shopping for a techie, they’re sure to have one of the latest smartphones, so why not find them something a little personal in which to store and protect it?

Phone covers are big business and you can find them everywhere from markets to electronics stores, and online in places including eBay and Amazon. The best part is that you can find all kinds of imaginative designs – from rubber covers that make an iPhone look like an old-school Gameboy, to heavy-duty weatherproof cases that are suitable for the beach.

SmarTouch Gloves

Do you live somewhere with a cold winter? If you do, you’re probably used to seeing individuals removing their gloves to operate phones and tablets.

The problem is that the capacitive touchscreens used by iPhones and other gadgets need a human touch to operate, and not a gloved finger. This is where SmarTouch gloves come in – they have conductive fingers that work on touchscreens – allowing you to give the geek in your life the gift of warmth!

The Archos Clipper

Most techies now have numerous ways to play music. With smartphones, iPads and Bluetooth car stereos in wide use, CDs are truly becoming a thing of the past.

However, it’s not always ideal to use an extremely valuable device just to play music. An iPhone dropped while out running makes for a very expensive workout.

The solution in the Archos clipper. It’s a basic but stylish music player that can hold around 1000 songs. It’s also sturdy and the size of a couple of coins. The most exciting part, however, is it’s price – around US$20.

A miniature tool kit

If the geek in your life spends time fixing PCs and laptops, a stylish new toolkit is sure to go down well.

Most PC technicians have a tool set that goes everywhere with them, and if it’s been in use for more than a few months, it’s probably battered and bruised. A new toolkit, which must include small precision screwdrivers, will make the first few days back at work after the Christmas holidays a little bit more bearable.