Best Practice Guides: Why you need third-party archiving support for Office 365

Debbie Thomson

108.7bn business emails are sent and received each day, this volume of emails can present a real challenge to businesses but also a new revenue opportunity for MSPs, as customers will need help to effectively manage their email infrastructures.

One area service providers frequently overlook when providing email management is archiving, often believing Office 365 has them covered. While Office 365 offers a number of worthwhile features, the best practice guides below look at how third-party archiving can support Office 365 and help service providers offer comprehensive email management. Downloading these guides and leaving them with your clients can help them have a better understanding of why they need third-party archiving.

For more information about how supporting your existing email with a third-party, cloud-based archiving system can provide serious benefits for both the MSP and end user read the blog post: Cloud Archiving 101: A Guide for MSPs


Download the PDF here: Business drivers for third-party Archiving



Download the PDF here: Third-party Archiving with Office 365