Customer interview: Paul Mann

Jenny Carpenter

Paul Mann, the manager of information systems at Battelle Rippe Kingston in Southwest Ohio, talks about his experiences with ControlNow.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your company?

Battelle Rippe Kingston is a long-established professional services firm. We specialize in audit, tax and advisory services.

Our firm employs over 100 professionals, spread across three Ohio locations, including Dayton and Cincinnati. 95% of our computers are laptops, and several staff work remotely, often from client sites.

Q: What led you to implement ControlNow?

Despite several different approaches, keeping on top of updates was challenging. In addition, our previous solutions used local server resources, which gave us lots of systems to maintain.

The firm had long been satisfied with ControlNow’s on-premise antivirus, so moving to ControlNow was a logical step.

Q: What do you think of ControlNow so far?

It’s great for our multi-office and remote user environment; a centrally-managed system that is easy to implement and support.

Q: Has the implementation of ControlNow changed things for the better?

Yes! We are definitely getting frequently updated software like Adobe Flash and Java patched much quicker, and we no longer see systems falling behind on Windows patches either. The antivirus continues to be a solid solution for us too.

We’ve also eliminated the need to facilitate server resources for patch and antivirus management. This means fewer internal servers to look after.

Q: How did you find the deployment?

Very straightforward. Group policy installation is supported, and once there is a running agent, products are easily added to workstations from the cloud interface.

Q: How have you found the customer experience with ControlNow?

On the few instances we have had to reach out for assistance we have been very pleased with responsiveness and knowledge of the support staff. The email support avenue actually works too!

If you’d like to find out more about how ControlNow can simplify your life as an IT administrator, you can access a free trial here.