Creating an Effective MSP Marketing Plan

Scott Calonico

keyboard with marketing termsWhile creating an MSP marketing plan may not be the most exciting thing on your “to-do” list (especially if you are a born and bred techie), it is essential if you want to see your business grow.


As well as helping you to decide your MSP marketing strategy, your plan should include ways to monitor the success of your methods and assist you in determining your future plans. This article provides some simple tips.

Know your Products and Services

Before you undertake any marketing activities, you need to know what you are selling. Are you just going to be offering Remote Management and Monitoring? Cloud Services? A 24 Hour help desk?  Sales materials, websites and adverts will not be effective if they simply offer generic and non-specific IT services.

If you are already in business, the things your existing clients ask for can help you to devise compelling offerings. If you are new to the industry, market and competitor research can point you in the right direction.

Know your Competitionpeople running

Produce a list of your main competitors. These needn’t only be local competitors – it is best to consider a range of firms who could provide your prospects with the same services that you offer.

Look at what all of these businesses are doing to attract clients and what seems to be working for them.

Trial Various MSP Marketing Methods

Split your trial marketing efforts and budget across several different approaches and accept that some of your budget will probably be spent on methods that prove unsuccessful.

Make sure that your marketing plan includes processes to monitor the success of your various trial approaches. Make detailed use of Web statistics and analytics to track where leads are coming from, and ensure that when you have personal contact with sales prospects, you ask how they heard about you.

Devise your Budget and Strategy

Once you have an idea of the marketing methods that will best convert, decide on your budget for each method. A good marketing strategy often staggers the launch of your marketing methods over a period of time. Perhaps launch a local ad at the start of one month and a Web marketing campaign the next.

Continually Tweak and Review

marketing building blocksEnsure that you continually monitor the success of your marketing. Track how many leads result from each of your marketing approaches as well as how many of them convert to chargeable work.

You may even find that the success of one approach results in so much business that you decide to postpone another approach or replace it with the method that proved so successful. An MSP marketing plan should be flexible enough to change as it progresses.

A certain element of trial and error is unavoidable when it comes to marketing, but by taking the process seriously and monitoring the results, you can quickly determine what works and what fails. Tread carefully in the early stages and limit your financial obligation to each approach until you know what converts. By doing this, each subsequent marketing plan becomes easier to produce than the one before.

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