An insight into modern IT management

Jenny Carpenter

IT departments are moving away from using individual software tools, to carry out their day-to-day operations, and towards service-based cloud products, according to an internal ControlNow survey.

The results are based on a survey of more than 170 customers who use the ControlNow platform.

Functionality, ease-of-use and price were the three main reasons why the respondents chose the ControlNow solution, the survey shows.

Key Findings

The IT professionals who participated in the ControlNow survey revealed the following interesting facts:

1. Centralized device management is crucial

50% of the IT professionals surveyed stated that the lack of a central view of devices and issues was a strong motivator in purchasing ControlNow.

This central view is particularly important given the increased mobility of the modern workforce, as is well illustrated by the next point.

2. Managing remote devices is a headache for IT admins

38% of respondents complained about the difficulty of managing remote devices, such as laptops, and 32% worried about keeping them secure. This is perhaps an unsurprising reflection of how employees expect modern IT to be inherently more mobile.

The survey responses showed positive signs that ControlNow implementation is an effective way to make things easier for the IT team: 61% specifically highlighted that centralized management was easier post-implementation.

3. Security is enhanced with the right solution

40% of the professionals questioned reported that they had experienced fewer security breaches due to antivirus and patch management since they implemented ControlNow.

38% also reported a more stable IT environment, with less unplanned downtime.

4. ControlNow saves money

While centralized IT admin and the desire to save time were both reported as strong motivators for the initial purchase of ControlNow, the survey results seem to imply that users of the product have also experienced unexpected cost savings.

41% of respondents reported that using ControlNow had reduced their costs, and 39% said that they were able to complete more tasks using fewer resources.

In totality, the survey responses present a clear picture of IT departments that are now able to enjoy a greater level of control over their infrastructures. Furthermore, the biggest “headaches” reported by respondents prior to implementation (lack of a central view, and managing and securing remote devices) are soundly addressed by the functionality of the ControlNow software.

The most significant finding from the survey is great news, both for ControlNow and for the customers who have selected the ControlNow package for their business:

"Over 86% of respondents said that they would definitely recommend the product to others".

Finally, and worthy of a special mention, is the fact that 22% of respondents felt that implementing ControlNow had helped the IT department be seen as more of a business enabler than a “break / fix” team. In an age where IT is becoming so much more service-driven, it’s pleasing to see that such a change in perception can be born of the use of just one product.

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