Computer Consultant Website Templates

Scott Calonico

We kicked off some great discussions in our first couple of articles about MSP website templates. Those were meant to be just a brief overview and introduction into how you can quickly and easily setup a website to expand your MSP or IT support business.

We wound up getting a few comments and had some interesting conversations with other MSP professionals on the subject who wanted some more information.

Here are just a few more ideas for website templates to help your MSP grow and profit from increased visibility. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we'll happily keep coming back to the subject.

In the next few posts, we'll be chatting with a professional website developer, who has a very differing opinion on using website templates.


You want a website setup in about 10 minutes? Your hosting provider probably has a number of templates on hand that they can put up on a server in a matter of minutes. These types of templates, however, will offer minimum Web2.0 and social networking opportunities at best. They'll mostly serve as a storefront (hello, World Wide Web from 1995!) that will let you put up your address, phone number and other information about your business.


Hostgator has been around for a while and offers inexpensive monthly plans.


I can personally vouch for GoDaddy. Cheap website hosting and an easy to use online account management interface that lets you do just about anything needed for setting up your account by yourself.

Yahoo Small Business

Didn't know that Yahoo did website hosting, but here it is. They offer a number of e-commerce solutions, so if you plan on doing some equipment reselling or business along those lines, they might be the solution for you.


I've also used Bluehost. They've got a slick control panel that you can use to get your website up and running ASAP.


Maybe you're just getting your MSP up and running and don't have enough time to setup your own website. If you just want something simple, inexpensive and fast, these website templates might be your solution. Most, if not all, of the providers above will be your one stop solution, allowing you to also register a domain name so you can start communicating through your chosen domain emails.


Although some of the templates are pretty slick, in the end, setting up a website like this basically says "I'm a computer professional, but I don't know how to setup a website or have the sense to hand it off to someone who knows what they're doing." And that might not be good for business.

In an upcoming blog post, we'll delve deeper into a good middle ground between the type of website templates in this article and a professionally designed and customized platform, the CMS (Content Management System).