Coming Soon: 32 New Pre-Defined tasks added in MAX Remote Management

Emma Finch

If there’s one thing we like to do here at LOGICnow, it’s to make our clients’ lives a little easier when we can. So, in response to suggestions we’ve received, we have just added 32 – count them, 32! – new pre-defined tasks as release candidates into the MAX Remote Management platform. Now, you’ll be able to use these out-of-the-box scripts to drive more automation, freeing you up to be more proactive and offer better customer service. We aim to put these out as general available as soon as they have been put through the paces in the production environment, but you can use them now if you download the new Release Candidate Agent V10.3.0.

We’ve also added more bulk actions that can be performed on tasks. Bulk Delete Tasks was added last week and this week we’re adding Bulk Add Tasks. This was the final piece of the puzzle – so you can now Bulk Run, Add, Edit, and Delete Tasks. These actions can be performed at the client and site level, as well as when you select individual devices, including device search results. 

These are major improvements we’ve made in order to help you reduce the manual effort in rolling out scripts and maintaining devices. 

What does this mean for you?

Save time and effort – Writing scripts can be time-consuming and challenging. We want to keep expanding our off-the-shelf options to make things easier for you.

More standardization – Increase consistency and accuracy with more standard scripts across your client base or organization.

More scalable operations – More ready-made scripts mean you can automate more, allowing your technicians and IT staff to be more efficient.

And in case you missed it, with our recent release of real-time architecture, actions related to checks and tasks now take place in near real-time. Instead of having to wait two check cycles to see the results of deploying user-defined scripts, that information is available in just a few minutes. If you’d like more information, you can read about this in a previous post: Now Available: Real-Time Architecture with MAX Remote Management.  

These are just more steps we’re taking to continue to help clients streamline their work and better serve their customers and users. There are more announcements regarding scripts and tasks coming up soon, so stay tuned!