A Blog A Day Helps Keep the SEO Doctor Away!

John Black

If you focus on adding new articles to your website every day then this can sling shot you to the top.

Why is article writing daily so crucial to search rankings?



One of the reasons that eating an apple a day is important for your health is because you will be getting a daily buildup of wholesome vitamins in your body.

In fact you will be building a huge repository of vitamins to the point that it can have a massive impact on maintaining your health and fighting off illness.

Much in the same way when you begin writing articles daily and tagging them with the right keywords then you will start a virtual tsunami of words that builds up and overwhelms Google’s ranking system.

Watch the Other Guy

No matter what you happen to be doing in terms of search engine optimization by tinkering with your site or building valuable back links it’s important not to forget that all this only matters in comparison to your keyword competitors.

If you obtain 10 back links in week but your keyword competitor kills with 50 link exchanges in the same time frame then you may actually drop in the search rankings.

The key is to do something that allows you to forget about your opponents and focus on one strategy above all others.

Of course this IT marketing strategy would have to be more powerful to enable you to breeze past all the other URL’s on your way to the top.

Daily Blogging

Google’s primary source of income is advertising and the only way they can stay in business is by having an army of bloggers out there posting relevant, creative, original and informative articles for FREE, so they can attract more searchers.

This is why writing articles that attract human interest versus web crawlers are so much more important to your search rankings

Google now has an elaborate algorithm capable of spotting creative and original content that’s relevant [aka properly tagged] and promoting it straight to the top, without a cadre of sites linking back.

Of course, to make sure Google promotes your website then you have to have far more interesting articles than the other URL’s competing for the same keywords.

The best way to ensure this is to do something that few others companies can accomplish and you can do that by posting a highly creative and original article each and every day of the week!


john black

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.