Analyzing Your MSP Marketing Techniques

Richard Tubb

marketing chartIn one of my last blogs post I looked at the frequently asked question from IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) of “Why is my MSP marketing not working?”

I suggested that for most MSP’s, the problem with their MSP marketing lies in the fact they are not consistently undertaking the activities that are required. To solve this problem and to build a habitual, consistent approach to MSP marketing, I suggested tracking activities by Creating a Lead Generation Scorecard.

With that said, there will be a raft of MSP’s who hear this advice and, with hand on heart and 100% certainty, tell me that yes, they are consistently undertaking those marketing activities that count and yet they still aren’t seeing the results.

To those MSP’s I suggest looking at your marketing technique.

Analyzing Marketing Technique

There is an old phrase “The definition of madness is to continue doing the same things yet expecting different results”. If you are 100% certain that you’re consistently undertaking the marketing activities (and I do mean 100% certain! A scorecard and metrics is the only way to be sure) then looking at the way you undertake those activities is key.

For instance, I typically hear MSP’s telling me that Direct Mail does not work for them. They’ve consistently sent out sales letters to prospective clients and yet received a very disappointing response rate. Why is this?

Upon closer investigation it’s often because the wording of the sales letter is focused on what they would like to offer to new clients -- or features of their service -- rather than the benefits it will bring to their prospective client. For instance, when writing to prospective clients are you talking about monitoring and maintenance or are you talking about the benefits that service will bring to clients, i.e. increased uptime and lower levels of frustration and costly lost productivity, better security and greater peace of mind for both the client and their customers, and IT that helps them make more money?

Using 3rd Parties

This lack of technique doesn’t just apply to those marketing activities taken in-house.

Many MSP’s loathe the thought of Telemarketing (and who can blame them!) and so outsource their Cold Calling to an external company. But are you keeping track of the technique that company are using, or are you absolving yourself of responsibility and hoping for the best?

With an MSP Telemarketing campaign that has yielded no appointments ask yourself - firstly, is the list of prospective clients your Telemarketer is calling up to date and complete with current information? Secondly, when your Telemarketer is calling the prospective client, are the words they are using helping you reach the right people or are they being blocked by the Gatekeeper?

The same goes for outsourced websites. Is the wording your Web Designer has used on your website the type of language your typical client would use? Or is it the type of language a Web Designer would typically use?

Don’t absolve yourself of responsibility and rely on the external contractor. While you’ve probably hired someone who is considered an expert in their field, they may not be an expert in your field - the IT industry. Gently ask if you can try some of your own wording. If you’re in doubt, consider bringing a Copywriter into the mix -- they are experts in using the language that your clients will understand and appreciate.


Whether your marketing activities are being taken internally by your own team, or outsourced externally to a 3rd party, ensuring that activities are undertaken consistently is only half the challenge. Continuously monitoring your technique and fine tuning it to see if you can improve your results -- new business you are finding -- is not only recommended, it’s an absolute necessity.

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