Always look on the bright side

Chris Martin

Survey form and pen. Our October Survey on Automation of pro-active maintenance tasks dug up some very interesting pieces of information from GFI MAX RemoteManagement users.  We had a fantastic response which broadly speaking mirrored our geographical spread of customers.

Highlights include:

Always look on the bright-side of life, de dum, de dum, de dum …

I was pleasantly staggered by the optimism of our customers. I’m not saying GFI MAX RM users are doing better (well, I am really), but I was pleased by their optimism. Ninety two percent (92%) reckon the number of customer sites they look after will grow in the next 2 years (with no regional variation).   

Vive la difference

One very subtle difference is how support revenue is generated in US & UK. It would seem that a much greater percentage of support revenue is generated by way of monthly contract in UK than US. I’m unsure why this would be but it seems that UK IT support companies have longer experience in packaging, marketing and selling support contracts or managed service contracts.


Often we here at GFI MAX ponder why folks don’t seem to pick up on new features even when they’ve requested them. The survey reminds us that in lots of cases people are just too busy. They want to do their customer work and then they like to go home rather than spend their time playing with internal systems. So we see that in many cases it is inertia. So you tell us, what’s the best way we can help? How can we best inform you of new features without taking your time?

And, on our Automated Tasks feature itself….

We hear ya … you want extra worked examples, some help videos and more importantly a wider pre-defined library …. It’s in progress and if you’re looking for somebody to pin this on, then try me!

And finally …..If you’d like a free whitepaper outlining ideas to run your IT support business more efficiently, email us at [email protected]