What would you do with 10 more hours a week?

Jenny Carpenter

Kevin Downham is the IT manager at MacDermid, a UK-based speciality chemical services firm.

The infrastructure Kevin presides over is an accurate reflection of an IT department at a modern small to mid-sized business (SMB). He single-handedly manages approximately 80 PCs spread primarily across two locations, with a selection of mobile remote users spread across the world.

111241457Prior to implementing ControlNow, Kevin dealt with challenges that will feel familiar to anyone in a similar job role: Holidays were always difficult, with nobody to take the reins and leave him undisturbed. In addition, much of his time was taken up with repetitive routine tasks such as monitoring service uptime and deploying patches.

Kevin is the first to admit he “didn’t realize how much I needed a server monitoring solution until I started to look into it.”

IT managers like Kevin know how crucial it is to keep a constant eye on the IT services that keep the business running. This kind of proactivity is a relentless and thankless task if it must be done manually. As Kevin says, “Even if I was checking every 15 minutes, it still wouldn’t be enough.”

ControlNow alerts Kevin via SMS message within seven minutes of any key service failure, enabling him to immediately address the issue. Kevin describes this functionality as “worth its weight in gold.”

However, it is the platform’s patch management functionality that has provided extraordinary value to Kevin’s operation.

As Kevin knows, patch management is a monumental task for IT managers who are committed to doing things properly. Patches are constantly released for everything from core operating systems to browser plugins, and failing to apply even one can mark the start of a disastrous security breach.

Kevin estimates that prior to implementing ControlNow, he spent one-third of each day on manual patch management—an amount of time that equates to more than 10 hours each week.

In Kevin’s case, the geographical dispersal of users made things even more complicated thanks to time zone variations.

Now, all Kevin has to do is approve the patches. ControlNow takes care of everything else.

Many companies work with a “one-man IT team,” and these IT professionals need solutions that save time and reduce stress.

As for Kevin, regaining 10 hours during the work week means he now has time to tackle priority projects.

How much time can you save with ControlNow? See for yourself. Start your free trial today.