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SolarWinds MSP Launches a Global Series of Events; Delivering Deeper Engagement and Valuable Opportunities to Partners and Customers

Thu, 03/02/2017 - 08:30

DURHAM, North Carolina – March 2 2017 - SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT Service Providers and MSPs, today announced the launch of its series of international events for 2017. The growth of SolarWinds MSP’s dedicated events comes in direct response to the successful feedback from past events, and the company’s desire to continue to deliver deeper engagement, training, and opportunities to partners and customers.

SolarWinds MSP will join its community of MSPs in various locations worldwide to share business, product, and technical knowledge—plus updates on key industry trends, ranging from IT security to business growth. The sessions will provide content designed to help grow business opportunity and address the challenges IT businesses are facing in the market today. The SolarWinds MSP events include:

  • Empower MSP –  includes an annual multi-day conference and localized partner days throughout the year with breakout sessions, speakers, and key insights for all SolarWinds MSP® customers
  • MSP Academy – delivers training for SolarWinds MSP current partners and customers to give them the opportunity to enhance their product knowledge
  • MSP Exchange – enables prospects to learn more about the SolarWinds MSP product range, the state of the market, and issues facing MSPs
  • MSP Elite – provides a forum for MSPs to connect with their peers and discuss industry trends

Attendees of last year’s multi-day conference were joined by key members of the SolarWinds MSP team including John Pagliuca, JP Jauvin, Mike Cullen, Ian Trump, and Dave Sobel, as well as professional keynote speakers, including Jack Black and Ken Way. 

Ivan Kelleher from Etelligence shared his thoughts on the conference, “[t]hird time and always worthwhile, new contacts and loads of new ideas for the next 12 months.” Gediminas Laucys from Blue Bridge Group who also attended said, “[t]his was my first event - meeting people and speaking directly to SolarWinds MSP was great.”

“Our events help us to maximize the value our partners and customers receive from our products; I’m a big believer in the power of community and bringing people together, face to face, to share knowledge,” said Dave Sobel, director of community and field, SolarWinds MSP. “Network with your peers, learn first-hand about SolarWinds MSP’s strategy, future vision, and the latest insight into our product roadmap, while gaining the best practices from our team to ensure you have a profitable 2017.”

A full list of dates will be available soon.

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