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SolarWinds MSP Completes Next Stage of Integration with Full MSP Risk Intelligence Functionality Available within the MSP Remote Management and Monitoring SaaS Platform

Thu, 10/20/2016 - 14:00

DURHAM, North Carolina – October 20, 2016SolarWinds® MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to MSPs, today announced its MSP Risk Intelligence (MSP RI) software is now fully integrated within its MSP Remote Monitoring and Management (MSP RMM) SaaS platform. This development allows MSPs, of all sizes, to provide their customers with the ability to easily broaden their managed security services portfolio with a competitive data security offering.

MSP RI is a cloud-based software that enables MSPs to quickly identify application and OS vulnerabilities in their customers’ networks, discover how hackers will get to this data, and then calculate the real-time risk of a data breach and assess the financial liability. In addition, it provides critical vulnerability data from targeted devices including patch completeness. MSP RI also enables users to:

  • Help customers understand the cost of a potential security breach
  • Build a case for security investment through auditing and reporting
  • Locate customers’ sensitive data and minimize their exposure
  • Proactively protect data from attack by addressing any detected concerns
  • Estimate Data Insurance requirements and maintain acceptable risk levels
  • Provide continued compliance with industry regulations such as PCI


As part of its unified vision announcement this month, SolarWinds MSP listed deeper integration of MSP RI into the MSP RMM platform as one of the objectives for 2016; now this stage is complete. The company has also shared that it has launched MSP RI in: North America, UK, Italy, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands.  

“Cyber-attacks are growing at a rapid pace, in frequency and sophistication, therefore MSPs must take immediate action to improve the security protection they provide to customers”, said Billy Austin, vice president of security at SolarWinds MSP. “With MSP RI, customers will be able to communicate data security risks in a language everyone understands – financial impact to the business. In the past few months, SolarWinds MSP has already proven its success in international markets and as we continue to grow, we are working together to ensure MSPs worldwide have access to our comprehensive IT tools all within one dashboard.”


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