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Say hello to MAX ServiceDesk - exceptional, uncomplicated customer support software

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 11:37

If you've been looking around for a helpdesk solution that you can trust - one that does everything you need it to, and more - then your search may at last have come to an end.

Designed and built specifically for MSPs and IT support companies, MAX ServiceDesk is our brand new helpdesk solution that integrates seamlessly with our award-winning RemoteManagement tool - meaning it's the ideal platform for managing multiple support issues alongside multiple systems for multiple clients. We don't call it 'comprehensive' for nothing.

Streamline support with your own business needs 

  • Provides a single point of contact for customers seeking help for IT issues

  • Offers multi-channel engagement and support - converts Twitter messages to tickets, route email to service desk...and provides a self-service front end

  • There's no maintenance or admin overheads - updates automatically to latest versions 

  • ...and it's scalable - so as your business grows, ServiceDesk grows with you!

  • Handles multiple accounts - so you don't have to juggle endless pieces of software

  • Keeps track of incoming help requests - prioritizes tickets and progresses requests to the appropriate support team

  • Reduces incoming tickets by providing an effective self-service support portal - an awesome resource that your customers will love!

  • Robust, real-time reporting - from ticket volumes to response times 

  • Data analysis - ticket volumes, status, response times 

Support your business growth!

MAX ServiceDesk lets you do all these things you need to do to make first-class customer support a reality - no more worrying about lost business, no more lying awake thinking about support costs . Keep your customers happy, streamline processes within your support team and start resolving issues FAST.