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New MAX Backup features = cost-effective, stress-free Backup provisioning

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 11:35

Here at MAX we know about making our customers lives a little less stressful . That’s why our latest release of MAX Backup (v13.5) includes new features that are there to make life easier - a virtual disaster recovery facility and PSA integration with your favourite tools. 

As an IT Support provider it's your responsibility to ensure that when a disaster occurs, your customers’ business systems and data are quickly and easily accessible. Our new VDR feature lets you do just that - within minutes. No more stressing about lost data - which means no more sleepless nights about lost business. Better still, your customers will love the added value that brings - we can't stress enough the downside of lost business-critical data.

The latest version of MAX Backup includes expanded platform coverage, with added support for Microsoft®  Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows® 8.1, Apple®  Mac® OS X® 10.9 Mavericks and VMware® vSphere™ 5.5. Additionally, with the solution's new Virtual Disaster Recovery technology, customers are now able to recover failed Windows® systems as a VMware ESXi™ 4.1 or VMware vSphere 5.x compatible virtual machine. The ability to perform a full system restore via a Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) automates disaster recovery and provides increased data accessibility, as customers no longer have to wait until a failed physical machine is repaired or a new one is purchased.

The latest version of MAX Backup also includes direct billing integration with ConnectWise PSA tools, in addition to virtualization and automation solutions from Autotask® and Parallels®. Combined with remote monitoring and management functionality, this native integration enables services providers to monitor storage utilization and automate customer billing through their PSA software, significantly reducing the time and steps involved in managing account billing.

The result? Well we like to call it 'breathing a little easier'.

There's no additional charges for any of these new features – so you can offer your customers a more efficient service and greater peace of mind all at no extra cost!