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New MAX Android app! Manage your customers IT seamlessly across your devices

Mon, 04/08/2013 - 12:35

Now you really can ensure seamless management of your customers’ IT right across your own business systems and devices.  The new MAX RemoteManagement app for Android (in addition to iPhone App) ensures that whether you're in the office or out on the road, whether you're using iPhone or Android, you can spot critical client issues anytime, anywhere.  Easy!

The new Android app helps you and your team view and quickly fix customer problems while you're on the go - from retrieving the status of customer devices to checking asset information and clearing failed checks.  In fact, pretty much everything you'd expect to be able to do with your RMM tool no matter where you're sitting.*

Increase productivity, manage more effectively

  • Up and running in minutes - just as you'd expect!

  • Browse servers and workstations at each client

  • Spot client issues quickly

  • Access information such as outages, checks, notes and automated tasks

  • Clear failed checks 

  • View hardware and software assets

  • ....and more!

Get the free app

To get a hold of the MAX RemoteManagement Android App, visit the Google PlayStore. Download, configure and start being even more efficient! And if you’re an Apple user, don’t forget you can get theiPhone App too.

* includes tropical beach, city cafe, Monday morning meeting.