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More than 10,000 MSPs Now Using the MAX Integrated MSP Platform

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 10:31

Commitment to providing MSPs with a comprehensive set of solutions expected by clients drives continued growth and service adoption.

GFI MAX™ today announced that more than 10,000 managed services providers are now using GFI MAX RemoteManagementTM, supporting nearly 660,000 MSP engineer logins every month and making it the most widely-used Managed Services management platform in use in the channel today. The rapid growth of the GFI MAX customer base, which comprised 8,000 MSPs in September 2013, can be attributed to the company’s continued commitment to providing MSPs with the reliable tools needed to support existing customers, while also staying up-to-date on emerging opportunities and the pain points of customers, matching product updates to those needs in order to help MSPs stay competitive.

“Our customers understand that in order to remain successful, they need to strive to be more than a simple service provider for clients and it’s our job to supply them with solutions that allow them to strengthen not only how they position themselves to prospective customers, but also how they grow relationships with existing ones,” said Dr. Alistair Forbes, general manager of the GFI MAX business unit. “Our continued focus is on expanding our service offerings to include emerging tools that MSPs will need to remain competitive as cloud-based services and mobile devices reshape the IT landscape and as customers increasingly need their MSP to adopt the role of an outsourced CIO.”

With the recent addition of Web Protection features to GFI MAX RemoteManagement, MAX MSPs now have the ability to offer complete endpoint security services, easing one of the largest responsibilities of internal IT staff. In the last year, over 12 million threats have been quarantined by GFI MAX’s managed anti-virus service. In addition, GFI MAX has stopped over eight billion spam messages from reaching end users’ inboxes, significantly increasing customers’ network security and helping to avoid the dangers of employees clicking on malicious links or downloading compromised files. Furthermore, over 31 million patches have been deployed by GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s patch management tool.

GFI MAX announced additional milestones that highlight the continued growth of the business and increased adoption of services by MSP partners. Over 15 million remote access sessions have been supported by GFI MAX’s Take Control feature, up from just under 10 million sessions last year. Take Control enables administrators to gain easy and secure remote access to any server or workstation on a customer’s network. Furthermore, 7.8 million automated maintenance tasks run each month via the GFI MAX platform, a significant increase over the 5.7 million automated maintenance tasks running monthly at this time last year.

Significant increases in adoption have also been achieved with GFI MAX’s Managed Online Backup solution. Nearly 16 million backups have been made using the tool, a huge jump from the 5.5 million created in the previous year, signifying growing confidence in both cloud-based archive storage and in the tool specifically since being launched in 2012. Finally, through GFI MAX MailArchive, the company has provided reliable and secure storage for over 100 million of customers' inbound, outbound and internal email messages in multiple, geographically-distributed datacentres since last quarter, helping to ensure business continuity for clients and providing powerful but simple search, reference and retrieval features as employees manage the ever-growing email volume.