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MAX Remote Management Empowers MSPs with Remote Background Management Features

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 09:48

Remote Background Management capabilities allow managed services providers to offer a more positive, uninterrupted experience for clients.

GFI MAX™ today announced the availability of remote command line, the first function of the new Remote Background Management feature in its GFI MAX RemoteManagementTM platform for managed services providers (MSPs). The Remote Background Management feature provides a seamless customer experience by allowing MSPs to remotely complete maintenance on their customers’ networks without interrupting their work. The GFI MAX RemoteManagement platform includes remote command line now, with remote process control and remote service control being added soon. Many of the new upgrades have been implemented based on feedback received from the GFI IdeaFactory. Customers and users can submit, discuss and vote on their ideas for improvements to GFI products through this site.

The remote command line feature will be accessible directly from within the GFI MAX RemoteManagement dashboard, giving administrators greater control over their clients’ networks from a single screen. A recent survey of GFI MAX customers found that 98% of MSPs surveyed believe that having a remote command line tool would allow them to provide more value to their customers with 45% saying that the feature would be hugely beneficial. Respondents also felt that a remote command line tool would benefit their business by increasing efficiency (64%), allowing them to do more proactive work in order to avoid issues before they occur (58%) and minimizing time wasted travelling to the client’s site (44%).

“Customer satisfaction is essential, regardless of the industry,” said Dr. Alistair Forbes, general manager of the GFI MAX business unit. “GFI MAX customers rely on us to provide them with the tools necessary to proactively manage their customers’ networks effectively. GFI MAX enables them to offer a positive end user experience, in which their customers don’t even realize the MSP is monitoring and managing their networks.  By enabling MSPs to perform remote background management, we are freeing them up to proactively monitor for problems on their customers’ networks and execute the fix even before the client knows a problem exists and without disrupting the end user’s device, leading to greater customer confidence in their provider.”

Other new remote background management features will give MSPs greater control over their clients’ processes and services that could cause IT issues, as well as the ability to remedy those problems immediately. GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s new remote process management feature will supply administrators with a list of running processes on a device and allows them to sort these processes in a number of ways, including by name, CPU and memory usage. Administrators can identify problematic processes and terminate them from the GFI MAX RemoteManagement dashboard. This same functionality will also be available for services through the new remote service management feature which enables administrators to check on the status of all services on a client’s device and to start or stop them from a single dashboard, as necessary. 

Save the Date

GFI MAX will be holding its third annual customer conferences in September and October 2013 in the U.S., the UK, Germany and Australia. Attendees will have the chance to provide feedback on the MAX platform, exchange ideas with other IT leaders, and attend panel discussions and customer-led business sessions designed to help attendees get the most out of their MAX services. The U.S. customer conference will take place September 23-24 in Las Vegas. Please visit for more information.


GFI MAX helps IT Support Companies and MSPs grow monthly revenues from existing customers, attract new customers with affordable, high-value, easy-to-use services and deliver proactive, cost efficient services to grow an IT business profitably. GFI MAX provides a range of integrated software solutions built specifically for IT Support Companies and MSPs that are fast to implement, low effort to manage and fully brandable, so your customers see their value. The GFI MAX platform enables MSPs to provide managed antivirus, managed online backup, remote support, email security, automated monitoring, patch management, asset tracking, alerting and viewing and reporting all from a single dashboard.

About GFI

GFI Software™ develops quality IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses with generally up to 1,000 users. GFI® offers two main technology solutions: GFI MAX™, which enables managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver superior services to their customers; and GFI Cloud™, which empowers companies with their own internal IT teams to manage and maintain their networks via the cloud. Serving an expanding customer base of more than 200,000 companies, GFI’s product line also includes collaboration, network security, anti-spam, patch management, faxing, mail archiving and web monitoring. GFI is a channel-focused company with thousands of partners throughout the world. The company has received numerous awards and industry accolades, and is a longtime Microsoft® Gold ISV Partner.

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