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MAX Launches Interactive Platform for MSPs to Search, Provide Crowdsourced Scripts and Solve IT Issues

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 09:45

FixIT Scripts™ enables MSPs to discover customized scripts for individual customer needs.

GFI Software™ today announced a new, interactive, social community that provides a forum for managed services providers (MSPs) to obtain crowdsourced scripts that solve IT problems. The interactive FixIT Scripts platform unites the MSP community by connecting those looking to source a script with those who can provide scripts that solve a specific IT problem. GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ gives managed service providers the capability to implement automated and customized scripts – FixIT Scripts extends this by giving MSPs the ability to choose from a much wider range of scripts, enabling them to more easily meet the needs of their customers. 

Available at, the site enables MSPs using GFI MAX RemoteManagement, to easily interact with others who have encountered and solved similar problems in the past. MSPs can use the site’s search tool to identify a solution that is already hosted on the website or, if no solution exists on the site, describe the problem and invite the community to respond by posting scripts that address the specific problem.  The script is then accessible to any future users who experience the same issue. The site also allows other users to suggest better ways of solving the original problem, as well as edits or improvements to the suggested script. Users vote on a script’s usefulness, completeness and quality so the best scripts receive higher visibility. The site encourages participation by rewarding contributors with increased peer reputation, badges and prizes. This feature enables users to earn credibility within the community for the solutions they provide and ensures that scripts hosted on the site are of the best quality. 

GFI MAX RemoteManagement gives MSPs the ability to automate routine administrative tasks and script their own custom tasks to run through the dashboard based on their own schedule. These scripts are simple and quick to configure and they are easy to deploy and manage through the dashboard. GFI MAX RemoteManagement also gives IT professionals the flexibility they need to script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks by supporting eight of the most popular scripting languages.

“When combined with the scripting functionality present in the GFI MAX RemoteManagement platform, FixIT Scripts empowers managed services providers to more easily and quickly meet the needs of their customers without needing to reinvent the wheel,” said Dr. Alistair Forbes, General |Manager of the GFI MAX business unit at GFI Software. “MSPs can create their own scripts to solve specific problems and they’re encouraged to share these unique, customized scripts with the rest of the MSP community. Customer satisfaction and retention is always a top priority for MSPs, and by joining our forum, they can tap into an additional knowledgebase that improves the quality of service they are able to provide.”  

FixIT Scripts supports many popular scripting languages, including PowerShell, VBScript, JavaScript, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Batch and Command. In addition, GFI has unveiled a proprietary FixIT Scripts language and tool. The FixIT Scripts tool automatically runs any fixes in GFI’s proprietary script language, which is especially helpful for novice users. Other features of the site include powerful search and navigation tools which help users identify the specific script they’re seeking, extensive online support, and unlimited, free access.

FixIT Scripts is currently in the initial public beta stage.  For more information and to search, post, or fix an IT script issue, visit For questions, issues or support-related inquiries about FixIT Scripts, visit



GFI MAX helps IT Support Companies and MSPs grow monthly revenues from existing customers, attract new customers with affordable, high-value, easy-to-use services and deliver proactive, cost efficient services to grow an IT business profitably. GFI MAX provides a range of integrated software solutions built specifically for IT Support Companies and MSPs that are fast to implement, low effort to manage and fully brandable, so your customers see their value. The GFI MAX platform enables MSPs to provide managed antivirus, managed online backup, remote support, email security, automated monitoring, patch management, asset tracking, alerting and viewing and reporting all from a single dashboard.

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