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"MAX Backup is well positioned to take the MSP backup market by storm " - fact!

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 12:35

Two months is a long time in IT - long enough for our customers to get familiar with a new product and to find that it really has made life alot easier. So it is with MAX Backup, the stand-alone backup solution that we launched back in June - since then, you've been telling us great things about it!

But it's always a double-wow when our hard work is recognised with a glowing 5-star review. TMCnet, the 'world's primary educational and news resource in the communications and technology fields', have given MAX Backup a thorough going over, and come up with an impressive 5-stars across several test areas - from Installation and Features to Usability and Performance. Not only that, but they concluded - 

"TMC Labs was very impressed with the performance in backing up and restoring files. Max Backup is well positioned to take the MSP backup market by storm and TMC Labs would highly recommend it."

If you've been looking around for a stand-alone backup product, one that helps grow your monthly revenues and hook your customers to you with a high-value, low-maintenance service then our superfast, ultra-secure Backup solution is for you.  It comes with incredibly low overheads for your business, is easy to set up, fully automatic and fully brandable as your own solution …and it’s affordable, comprehensive and flexible. But don't just take our word for it - read the full TMCnet review