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LOGICnow increases cross-platform capability with launch of MAX Risk Intelligence on the Mac platform—allowing users to run automated risk assessments

Wed, 08/31/2016 - 14:31

DURHAM, North Carolina – 31st August, 2016 – LOGICnow, now a part of SolarWinds MSP and a global market leader in integrated cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announced its MSP Dashboard for Mac® will now execute MAX Risk Intelligence scans when installed as part of its MAX Remote Management (RM) platform. This release will allow Mac devices to perform the same automated risk assessments as the Windows® platform.

MAX Risk Intelligence enables organizations to understand their total risk exposure by quantifying that risk in actual dollar terms delivering unique new security capabilities. With access to automated vulnerability scanning, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now prioritize threat mitigation strategies based directly on business costs.

Mac users are now able to run MAX Risk Intelligence as an automated task by activating the feature through the MSP dashboard for Mac devices’ global settings, allowing scans to execute as a background maintenance task.

“LOGICnow has made MAX Risk Intelligence available on the Mac platform after receiving high demand from our Mac customer base,” said Brian Best, LOGICnow Strategist for Apple®. “Users can now take advantage of vulnerability scanning and advanced analytics to help demonstrate the value of their services, reduce customer churn, and drive more sales. Throughout the year, we will continue to nurture our Mac offering so users can experience best-in-class management support, giving them a competitive edge in the market.”

About LOGICnow (Now a part of SolarWinds MSP)

LOGICnow® delivers the only 100% SaaS, fully cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform, backed by collective intelligence and the highest levels of layered security. LOGICnow’s MAX products including Risk Intelligence, Remote Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Mail and Service Desk – comprise the market’s most widely-trusted integrated solution. Deployed on over two million endpoints across 240,000 networks, the platform has the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the market. LOGICnow provides the most comprehensive IT security available as well as LOGICcards, a notification feature powered by prescriptive analytics and machine learning. LOGICnow’s passion is helping IT professionals secure and manage their systems and data through actionable insights, rewriting the rules of IT. For more information, visit
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