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ControlNow upgrades to offer support for multiple users

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 11:33

EDINBURGH – 13 January, 2014 – LogicNow has today announced a new release of ControlNow, its integrated IT infrastructure management platform. The upgrade will enable personalized alerts for individual users, and will also include the ability for remote support staff to start, stop, and restart Windows Services.

Rather than having to utilize universal settings for all users of ControlNow, corporate IT departments can now create individual alert profiles for each member of the support staff. Individual logins and accounts will mean that, for example, IT admin staff can be alerted via email to quarantined emails, failed patches, and similar, while an IT manager could be alerted by SMS to business critical issues, such as important servers going offline.

Filters can be applied to each individual user, meaning specialist staff in larger corporate IT departments can opt to receive only the alerts they need – removing the need to manually sift through irrelevant notices.

Also added in this release is the Service Manager, which allows support staff to review, start, stop, and restart Windows Services remotely. This means that infrastructure problems can be fixed without interrupting end users. Service Manager also enables the remote monitoring of Windows Services, making problem identification and resolution quicker and easier for IT teams.

ControlNow, one of the few ‘born in the cloud’ IT management solutions, enables IT administrators to deliver secure business systems using a mixture of on-premise, cloud-based or mobile services and applications.

“As companies grow, their IT support needs grow and this creates a need for individualized responsibilities and specialisms within IT teams,” said Dr. Alistair Forbes, General Manager of LogicNow. “When such specialisms exist, many aspects of IT management – and their associated alerts – become relevant only to certain members of the IT Team. The personal profiles in our new release address this – IT teams will know that any alert that hits their inbox will be relevant to them and their own role. This release of ControlNow enables us to further improve our support for larger and more sophisticated organizations and gives those organizations more flexibility in how they deploy the solution.”


About LogicNow

LogicNow was created when GFI Software restructured to support rapid growth across its portfolio. LogicNow, which includes MAXfocus (formerly GFI MAX), IASO cloud back-up and ControlNow (formerly GFI Cloud and Mail Essentials Online), delivers SaaS technologies under a subscription model. As the world’s most widely-trusted managed service provider & IT support platform, MAXfocus has a decade of technology expertise, the backing of a 10,000-strong community and the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the MSP market. IASO is one of the leading brands in Hybrid Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery Software and cloud storage for MSPs, large enterprises, telecommunication and hosting providers. ControlNow is an IT management solution for thousands of Corporations and is winning market share from traditional on-premises competitors as companies IT becomes more complex and fragmented and the need for management in the cloud increases.

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